North Heilongjiang valve industry limited liability company as a power station valve research and development, manufacturing base with strong technology development strength, complete 300MW 600MW 600MW subcritical, supercritical thermal power units supporting the valve, as well as the development of a number of research projects. The company mainly to supercritical, ultra supercritical thermal power units supporting the valve, check valve, gate valve, plug valve, pressure relief valve, regulating valve, reducing valve, steam extraction non-return valve, pressure and temperature reducing device series as the main products. And the independent research and development of high pressure forged body valve, high pressure large caliber forge welding valve and other special products. Get the API 6D oil pipeline valve manufacturing membership in 2008, qualifying in 2011 manufacturing API 6A petroleum wellhead Christmas tree valve. In addition to the company is products for the domestic power plants and power equipment manufacturing enterprises supporting, but also marketing to Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Burma and other countries.

The company may in accordance with the GB, ASME, JIS and other standards for the design, manufacture of standard and non-standard valve, nominal diameter: DN4 - DN1000mm (NPS3/8 "- 40"), pressure rating: PN2.5 - PN42MPa (class150 - class450) tree oil production valve pressure rating: 13.8MPa - 69.0MPa (2000Psi - 10000Psi). A total of 20 kinds of series, more than 1000 varieties.

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