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In actual production, valve leakage types are generally as follows:
2. Dielectric leakage caused by weak closure or sundries in the valve body is often a small leak.
3. Dielectric leakage caused by failure of valve closure for the stuck valve stem, in such case, the leak will cause considerable pollution in a time period.
4. Dielectric leakage caused by imprecise gland packing is generally a small leakage.
5. Dielectric leakage caused by sand hole of valve body is generally a small leakage.
6. Valve leak (generally seepage) caused by defects of manufacturing.
In order to accurately identify position and cause of leakage and effectively trouble shoot the problem, comprehensive analysis and study should be carried out according to specific circumstances, after which reliable methods will be taken to remove the faults so as to maintain good technical state of valve.

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